A Running Start (2022)

A Running Start
Bobbie Jo Pardue has a secret that's about to get blown wide open when her best friend, Marcus, comes to Cherry Blossom Point. He has no idea that their one night together over a year ago resulted in the surprise of a lifetime. A perfect, amazing, chubby bundle of joy named Archie. She's hidden the truth for far too long, and Marcus deserves to know his son. But coming clean now could cost her everything. Can he ever forgive her, or will she lose her best friend forever?

Gemma felt so blessed when her neighbor, Patrick, and his young daughter, Zoe, came into her life when she'd needed them most. Just when things started to take a romantic turn, Patrick's ex came back into the picture like a hurricane, leaving as quickly as she'd come, leaving nothing but destruction in her wake. Now Gemma is left to pick up the pieces. Will she be able to help heal Patrick and Zoe the way they'd done for her, or has Hurricane Judy truly ruined them all?

Wyatt Merrill is a survivor. He lived through a skiing accident that would've been the end for most people and has come out the other side a better person. But now he's at a crossroads. Should he go back to the sport he'd spent most of his life pursuing, or is fate pointing him in another direction entirely?