Deadly Dragon’s Intense Infatuation (2022)

Deadly Dragon’s Intense Infatuation
When a dangerous wildfire requires an emergency fire break, this dragon shifter springs into action, breathing fire to create a burn break. He thought nobody could see him but when he shifts back he finds himself face to face with a beautiful woman.

Dragons are real.
Flynn is dragon.
I’ve seen him as a dragon and I’ve seen him as a man.
And he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.
And boy did I see him since when he turned back into a man, he was naked!
He’s a dragon.
He’s hot as hell.
And he’s a fireman, for Heaven’s sake.
He’s prefect for me.
But I’m just a nerdy girl. I mean, usually when I’m thinking about dragons, I’m rolling dice!
He’s perfect for me but he could never want me.

He’s entirely exposed. Her first sight of him reveals to her his shifter nature but since he shifts back without clothes, it reveals a lot more. She likes what she sees, all of it. Can this dragon shifter and this mousy, nerdy girl find true love?