Midlife Panther's Last Chance (2022)

Midlife Panther's Last Chance
Panther shifter Thomas Cranston is just doing his best to keep going after a bitter divorce, with the only bright point being that the kids are already grown and in college. As for Jessica, she has no idea that fate will deliver her right into the arms of a man beyond men.

He saved me from the muggers.
And he’s a shifter.
My life is boring and average.
But not anymore.
With Thomas, it’s exciting and wonderful.
But how can he want me when he has so much more life and experience.
At some point any attraction he feels will have to die off.
Won’t it?

Jessica can’t believe this handsome man protected her and she can’t help but invite him in to enjoy a drink and then invite him to enjoy much more. He finds himself hopeful for the first time in a very long time but can this woman’s love heal him? With passion, heart, and plenty of romance, this book will press all the right buttons. You don't want to miss Midlife Panther’s Last Chance, book eight of the Midlife Shifter True Mate series!