Midlife Wolf's Dangerous Love Triangle (2022)

Midlife Wolf's Dangerous Love Triangle
Wolf shifter Caleb Forest struggles with all the challenges of single parenthood and he’s almost ready to give up on love and just let his sister set him up with someone he doesn’t love. That’s the wise decision.
Then Maya enters his life and wisdom doesn’t seem to matter as much.

“Detective Caleb Forrest. He alone of the twenty-three investigators employed by the department actually fits the Hollywood image of a police hero: tall, with bulging arms and rippling abs, he has chiseled features, straight jet-black hair liberally sprinkled with gray and piercing blue eyes that seem to stare through you rather than at you. His voice is rich and melodic and when he speaks, a thrill runs through my legs, and I instinctively cross them.”
The sight of him is enough to make me swoon.
This man is so damned sexy.
This man is everything I like in a man.
And I think he deals with the same things I do.
He feels alone, just like me.
Maybe we can help each other feel something else.
But how can I let myself do that?
How can I pretend things will work out?
And how can I resist?

She’s struggling with the same struggles he is, and they’re drawn to each other. A chance meeting outside of work leads to an afternoon of sudden passion. Now, his heart years for Maya but his mind tells him Evelyn is the wise choice it’s a battle of right and wrong, happy and sad, rights and responsibilities. It’s a love triangle for the ages, and everything rests on Caleb’s shoulders. When things take a dangerous turn, all of his choices might disappear.