Demanding Tiger Daddy (2022)

Demanding Tiger Daddy
He’s not good for me.

I know he’s not good for me. I’ve been warned by my best friend that his intentions are malicious, that he’s far too possessive and controlling.
But what if that’s something that I like? What if that’s something that I want?
The mysterious doctor doesn’t reveal his secrets to me. Instead, he lures me into the darkness where he takes me over, using his hands to mark what’s rightfully his. I belong to him in every way, I can’t deny that. Yet I also can’t deny how hard it is to accept the danger that comes with him.
He’s running from his past. He’s trying to outlive the peril he has encountered. The more he tries to hide that from me, the more I want to help. I told him I’m his little girl and I mean it. Little girls can be just as fierce as their Daddies. I’m more than capable of fighting back.

And I’ll defend my Daddy with my life.

Discover whether true love can overcome the dangers of the past—and the perils of the future in Demanding Tiger Daddy!