Oh, Come All Ye Dragons (2022)

Oh, Come All Ye Dragons
The Inbetween is full of magic, monsters and marauders. But it’s also full of booty, if you know where to look. And Between the Green Reclamation Services knows just where to find those resources that are so scarce and valuable in the post- Flood-War era.

But when dragons nest on a valuable copper reclamation site, who do they call? Kyra Greene. No pest too large or too small.

Now Kyra must leave home days before her baby’s first Christmas, for a three-day trek into the wilds. Can she convince a stubborn dragon queen to move her nest before BG Reclamation brings in the guns?

Kyra Greene’s new adventure into the Inbetween turns into a rollicking girls’ weekend away and brings her face to face with some old friends even as she comes out of her comfort zone to make new ones.