Intellectus: Origins Discovered (2023)

Intellectus: Origins Discovered
Watch out Montreal, things are heating up. As we settle into our role as Guild Enforcers and the Quebec Quint, my siblings and I find our rhythm. Our training is paying off, our circle of allies is growing, and the chaos of being thrown into the deep end of the lava pool eases off. Things are better on the boyfriend front too— Hi, my name is Jules, and I’m dating a demon. Of all the things I never thought I’d hear myself say, that tops the list. Gareth isn’t just any demon, though, he’s one of the Poreskoro Six—the enemy—the elemental demon hybrids with the ability to consume our power. Every relationship has its challenges, right? In a city with souring fae magic, out-of-control empowered, and homicidal in-laws, we struggle to hold our own and keep the balance. It’s a good thing the Gagnes are at their best when things are worst.