Hammer Down (2012)

Hammer Down
When hell reigns on earth, love is a luxury they can't afford.

'Children of the Undying, Book 2'

While the tattered remains of humanity huddle underground, hiding in their virtual world, Devi prefers living topside, making dangerous hauls through the demon-infested wasteland earth has become. The wealth that comes from smuggling supplies to those shunned as summoner-born or demon-touched doesn t hurt, either.

The man she meets to arrange one of those under-the-table hauls is complicated and handsome as hell. Literally. A glimpse of the predator beneath his silver gaze and she s tempted to break her cardinal rule: never mix business with pleasure.

Zel s first look at the wild-haired hauler threatens to distract him from his mission and reminds him just how long it s been since he got laid. As the leader of an outcast settlement, he can t afford to trust too easily. Devi s got a reputation for running a tight, disciplined crew, but her very willingness to deal with him means she has something to hide.

Not to mention a hot, tempting package like her could be the cleverest trap his enemies have ever set.

Warning: Contains demon bars, virtual (and literal) fights to the death, forbidden love, renegade AIs, a badass truck-driving heroine who will do anything to protect her crew and the half-demon warrior who will move heaven and hell to make her his. '
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