Bold Journey (2004)
by Kate Douglas
(#5 in StarQuest)

Bold Journey
Bolden, the mixed-species son of Jenna of Earth and Garan of Mirat, is the only survivor of a freak accident while on his long awaited StarQuest. Marooned on a primitive world for almost two years, he captures and then befriends Cené, a beautiful young woman who serves the goddess of her planet. Bold makes an amazing discovery-not only is Cené's goddess very real to her, she is also the sentience of the planet, an entity who is able to take on human form by sharing Cené's body. The goddess wants to experience passion, something Bolden promises her if she will help him return to Earth.

Bold finds more than passion with the goddess/woman-he realizes he is also falling in love. But is it with the guileless young Cené or the immortal Lady who shares her body. And Evil stalks them. The makáo were once ephemeral creatures of pleasure, created to give the goddess sexual gratification. Now they are taking on form and substance, as if another entity directs their actions.

In a world far from home, decisions that will affect an entire planet rest in the hands of a young half-breed and the woman/goddess he loves.

Review quotes for Bold Journey by Kate Douglas

4 Blue Ribbons!
'...a wonderful science fiction romance...The plot is creative, the characters dynamic...a terrific story, one I would recommend to those who enjoy reading science fiction and are looking for something unique and out of the ordinary.'
~Brenda Lee, Romance Junkies

4/5 Stars!
'...Bold Journey was beyond hot...the StarQuest series is one of my favorites...'
~Dani Jacquel, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
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