Sexy Beast II (2007)

Sexy Beast II
Meet three men with something extra--a supernatural, fierce sensuality that transforms them into lovers like no others. For the women who love them, the call of the wild cannot be denied...
Chanku Fallen by Kate Douglas
With secret powers that intensify their senses, master shapeshifters Mik and AJ are on the prowl in New Mexico, seeking to rescue a lost kin named Tala, a woman sold into bondage and desperate to escape. Free of her captors, Tala will experience true liberation with Mik and AJ--an uninhibited menage a trois that takes her to the heights of erotic pleasure and reveals her true Chanku nature...
Fantaisie by Noelle Mack
Brought to a French chateau wreathed in mist, at once elegant and eerie, Tanya meets a mysterious man whose wild mane of hair and golden eyes are like nothing she has ever seen. Though Jean Claude keeps as guardian a lion that is anything but tame, she is free to explore the chateau's many rooms, where mirages appear of lovers who once satisfied their deepest desires there. Jean Claude is among them--but is his current incarnation something other than human? Tanya cannot resist the erotic spell in his eyes...
Call Of The Wild by Kathleen Dante
Knowing nothing of the wolf clan whose blood she shares, Deanna Lycan is strangely drawn to all things wild--and compelled to begin a sensual exploration of her true nature with Graeme Luger. Their torrid encounter sweeps her toward a transformation that will bring her to the ultimate ecstasy...
'Action, imagination, and steamy sex...great, sexy reads!' on 'Sexy Beast ' WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book. Explicit sex. '
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