The Seer (2015)

The Seer
Not even the fires of Hell will keep this demon from his mate.

Chronicles of the Fallen, Book 2

All whisper his name in fear, for The Seer was the right hand of Lucifer, the Collector of Souls. Condemned by Heaven, a fugitive from Hell, Niklas’s only hope for salvation lies in protecting the innocent from demons bent on ravaging mankind

After uncovering a plot to overthrow Lucifer, Niklas and his compatriots scramble to retrieve crucial Sacred Relics before the plot’s mastermind gets to them. For if Lucifer falls, so too shall fall the barriers between Earth and Hell.

Carly Danner’s life is turned upside down when she stumbles upon a demon summoning, plunging her into a dangerous realm of temptation and forbidden love. Left with no choice, she must trust the most unlikely of protectors, a darkly sensual demon with a fearsome reputation.

As the tangled web of desire and betrayal draws her deeper, Carly walks a blurred line between good and evil. And Niklas must decide if redemption is worth losing the woman who stole his heart.

Product Warnings
Contains a demon willing to put the world at risk for the love of one woman, and an innocent human who would sell her soul to save the demon she can’t live without. And so continues the journey of six fallen demons and the women who capture their hearts.
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