Option to Kill (2012)

Option to Kill
Nathan McBride has taken down terrorists and torturers. But nothing has prepared the former covert agent for the danger he faces after receiving a strange text from a kidnapped girl.

He conducts a daring rescue of twelve-year-old Lauren, who claims to be in the federal witness security program. When the kidnapper and his thugs continue their relentless pursuit of Nathan and his new charge, it's clear the girl either has something, OR knows something that's endangering her life.

Is there a connection between a series of murders on the Mexican border and Lauren's abduction ? AND why did the girl's mother--a woman Nathan has never met--give Lauren his cell-phone number to use in an emergency?

While racing to stay one step ahead, Nathan questions if this whole thing could be an elaborate trap. Against all his instincts, he must learn to trust the troubled girl in order to solve the mystery, and save their lives.