Love, Wylie (2018)

Love, Wylie
Fans of the international bestselling Faking It, Ordinary World, and She Has Your Eyes have a new love story to sink their hearts into with this delightful spinoff.

Wylie Baker is like many suburban sophomores: she texts with her best friends Roxanne and Bottsy, she’s impatient to escape the doldrums of high school, and she yearns for a boyfriend. But when Wylie’s recently discovered biological father David and his wife, Andi, attend her ’80s-themed Sweet Sixteen costume party, her friends are intrigued by and attracted to the mystery man dressed as a British pop star. Wylie’s resistance to dish on him prompts her rival, Christina, to dig up the dirt on her own.

A clash with Christina sends Wylie to detention, where she meets Clark Anderson, a cute senior clad in leather jacket and graphic T-shirts, who charms his teachers and takes an instant interest in Wylie. Smart and well read, he insists that they abandon their smartphones for pen and paper. Every correspondence draws them closer, until they are holding hands and stealing kisses. While Christina taunts Wylie in and out of school, Wylie’s deepening relationship with David and Andi troubles her parents, Janine and Peter, and her sister, Trish. Clark’s pending graduation threatens Wylie, Wylie’s impulsive behavior threatens all of her relationships, and Christina’s revelation about David’s past threatens to blow everything apart. Wylie’s only solace may be in the power of the written word.

Elisa Lorello brings her classic wit and wisdom to family life, dating and relationships, and friendship while giving readers a chance to indulge in David and Andi’s romance once again.
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