A Body in Belmont Harbor (1993)

A Body in Belmont Harbor
When the body of a small-time drug dealer washes up in Chicago's Belmont Harbor, it looks like a deal gone sour. Then Janice Fairs, a wealthy widow, hires private eye Paul Whelan to check out the suicide of her husband, a businessman who blew up his boat two years ago. Whelan, a Chicago native who works the city's dangerous Uptown neighborhoods, is happy for the healthy paycheck. But as his investigation begins to make connections between the two men and their different worlds, Whelan feels his chain being jerked - by his demanding client and by the cop on the murder case, Al Bauman, who is protective of his own turf. Savvy and dogged, Whelan pursues the elusive truth, and with increasing menace is pursued by it. Written with a Chicago native's love for the city - its bars and hangouts, its landmarks, its hidden and forgotten glories.
0312087071 / 9780312087074