Crown To Ashes (2021)

Crown To Ashes
Together, they could take on the world… if only she’d trust him…

Ever since her husband left her for the enemy, Zara has ruled alone, caring for their children and their people with an iron will and an unyielding strength. Rumor had it that he sacrificed himself to end the war with the light-elves and its ruthless sadist of a queen, but when word arrives that he’s alive--and returning home--Zara knows there’s no way he could’ve survived except by the will of the sadist queen. Which makes him a traitor.

Freed from a thousand-year sleep and a prison, Mir returns to his home… and to his wife and queen, Zara, whose welcome--if it can be called such--is icy. After his choice to sacrifice himself to end the war with the light-elves, he’d expected a reprimand, but he comes to learn that not only did everyone believe him dead, but because he’s alive, his people look on him with suspicion--including his estranged wife.

While alliances are forged and fractured during the Immortal Wars, Zara must consider marrying a second consort to strengthen her queendom, and her suspicion at Mir’s survival keeps her calculations cold. Multiple suitors arrive to vie for Zara’s hand, and yet… she finds herself drawn to Mir and untangling the web of hurt and betrayal that happened so many years prior. But when the enemy queen who held Mir captive returns--and renews their conflict--their bond is tested anew.

As an old enemy grasps for control and beasts charge the gates, Zara and Mir must choose whether to trust each other to defeat them and reforge the bond between them. Can their love be rekindled, or will suspicion, doubt, and war spread its ashes to the winds?