MEG: Hell's Aquarium (2009)
by Steve Alten
(#6 in Meg)

MEG: Hell's Aquarium
The Philippine Sea Plate: — The most unexplored realm on the planet. Surrounded by subduction zones and no less than six abyssal gorges -- including the seven-mile-deep, 1,500 mile long Mariana Trench -- the sea is also home to an incredibly anomaly, for hidden beneath its primordial crust lies the remains of the Phantalassa, an ocean that dates back 220 million years. vast and isolated, the Phantalassa is a purgatory of existence, inhabited by nightmarish sea creatures long believed extinct.

Tanaka Institute, Monterey, CA:

Four years have passed since Angel, the 76-foot, 100,000 pound Megalodon returned from the Mariana Trench to birth her litter of pups -- five females -- far too numerous and aggressive to keep in one pen. As accidents mounts, one solutions presents itself: A Dubai royal prince is building the largest aquarium in the world and seeks to purchase two of the 'runts'.

The deal hinges on hiring Jonas Taylor's twenty-one year old son, David, to be their handler.

Jonas reluctantly agrees, and David is off to Dubai for the summer of his life, not realizing he is being set up to lead an expedition that will hunt down and capture the most dangerous creatures ever to inhabit Earth.
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