Her Alien Rogue (2021)

Her Alien Rogue
He claims we’re fated mates. But does that mean it’s true love?

When Kaide declares—in front of the whole village, no less—that we’re fated mates, he acts like that’s the end of it. Like it’s all been decided, and we’ll just live happily ever after.

Uhhh… not so fast, buddy.

I barely know the guy. And even though I have to admit his gorgeous smile and cocky attitude turn me on, that doesn’t mean I’m ready for a lifelong commitment.

But when I tell him I’m not interested in letting some mystical bond make my decisions for me and would rather fall in love the old-fashioned way, Kaide doesn’t even bat an eye. He just vows then and there that he’ll make me fall in love with him.

He even agrees to let me join him and a few other Voxerans on a trading mission to Pascia, which I was sure he’d deny. He treats me as an equal, something I can’t say for any of the men I knew back on Earth. And no matter how many walls I put up around my heart, he keeps finding ways to break them down.

Turns out, my would-be mate is as stubborn as I am.

And he’s clearly up for a challenge.