Alice Betrothed (2021)

Alice Betrothed
England, 1549

As a ward of the king, Lady Alice grew up at the glittering royal court of the Tudors. She has everything a courtier could wish for: a vast inheritance, a pack of handsome admirers, and a fabulous wardrobe. But it comes at a price. By the king’s command, she’s been betrothed to the abominable Lord Wormingham—ahem, Birmingham—an ill-tempered lout old enough to be her grandfather. Alice cannot accept this fate, but neither can she defy the king. She must find some means of escape…

As the new Marquess of Cainewood—a title that came with an ailing estate, a hasty betrothal, and the care of four quarrelsome little sisters—the last thing Adam Chase needs is yet another responsibility. But a gentleman does not ignore a lady in distress (especially a pretty one), so when he crosses paths with a young woman fleeing the court in apparent danger, he takes in the secretive stranger—and regrets it almost immediately. For Lady Alice’s secrets connect her to a treasonous plot involving the princess Elizabeth, and now Adam’s whole family could fall under suspicion. But perhaps losing his head wouldn’t be so bad… at least it would save him the trouble of being betrothed to one girl while he’s falling for another…