Slay Bells Ring (2021)

Slay Bells Ring
Welcome to Candy Cane Hollow, where every day feels like Christmas!

It's New Year's Eve in Candy Cane Hollow.

This winter wonderland may look festive and be home to the Claus Family, but all is not as it seems.

The festivities take a turn for the bizarre when the giant glitter ball comes crashing down on cantankerous elf chef, Greasy.

Chief Superintendent Wiggles is sure the death is just a tragic accident, but Holly isn't so sure. Greasy was lots of things, but it appears that popular wasn't one of them.

Holly begins her own investigation with the eager help of Mrs Claus, while dimpled Nick Claus warns them both to be careful.

Was the death an accident? Or is that a false ho-ho-hope?