Deadly Cocktail (2021)

Deadly Cocktail
A 40-year-old Witch with a New Career
A Gargoyle Sheriff Raising a Teenaged Daughter
And an Enchanted Island Full of Secrets

When an Enchanted Island citizen is murdered in front of game warden, Shayla Loci, she vows to stop at nothing to find the killer… especially when the victim is none other than the dethroned merprince, Treyton Seidon. As Shayla, Needles, and Sheriff Alex Stone follow the clues, they untangle not only major corruption within the Seidon-Alterman corporation but also painful community secrets long ago buried. Between balancing her dating life and throwing a sweet-sixteen birthday party, Shayla struggles to keep it all together. Can Shayla right the wrongs done to Enchanted Island citizens and capture the killer before it's too late? Or will she end up being permanently buried under the sea?