Hunted Girl (2021)

Hunted Girl
Fresh off the high of solving her first major investigation at her new department, Detective Rachel Ryder is about to risk losing it all.

A drug overdose case hits close to home when a body is linked to the family of Rachel's friend. But the seemingly simple investigation leads her down a rabbit hole from her past; a past she fears has finally come back to haunt her.

As bodies begin to accumulate, Detective Ryder knows in her gut that vengeance is upon her. Yet time and again the evidence just doesn't add up.

Obsessed with stopping a murderer bent on revenge, Rachel plows ahead on instinct alone. But emotions cloud her judgment, mistakes pile up, and she puts the lives of others at risk.

Increasingly isolated, Rachel begins to question her own sanity. Is she succumbing to fear? Or has Rachel's past finally caught up with her?

Bestselling author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson delivers a riveting addition to the Rachel Ryder series.