Solstice Whispers (2021)

Solstice Whispers
I thought everything was finally—possibly—falling into place. I had a place to live with my best friend, a job, and a nice man in my life. Never mind I'd been named Warden of the Garden to bring magic back, and my nice man was actually a Fallen Angel named Evangel. But… who's complaining?

My ex-husband, that's who. His past actions catch up with him and he blames me, our daughter, and everyone else. Other problems start to stack up. My daughter abandons college and moves into Everleigh House, Evan and Alex become obsessed with two cold cases which bring up questions the old families of Ravenwood Hills do not want to answer, a new Elohim appears in town causing a bit of trouble, and Gabby's happy little coven of Witches begins to fall apart.

I just want to catch a break.