Candy Cane Conspiracy (2021)

Candy Cane Conspiracy
A witch's destiny denied.

Fate made Trixie a hunter of devilish demons, except… demons aren't devilish, and Trixie's not hunting them. She gave that future the boot and became an unwilling creature whisperer.

But by denying her supposed destiny, she inherits a problem.

Furred, feathered, and scaled, the creatures have invaded her life. She's being pranked by furry fairies, stalked by mini-devils, and harassed by the messy scourge of dragons roosting in her yard.

Trixie's had enough. She's moving to Boise and hoping to leave the magical critters behind.

But what happens when moving isn't enough?

Join Trixie as she begins her new job as a barista at Magic Beans coffee shop and becomes a reluctant solver of magical creature problems.