A Dab of Sorcery (2021)

A Dab of Sorcery
A Dead Jazz Singer and a Witch Hunter on a Mission

Hi, I'm Georgie, and I have my hands full with Xavier, the witch hunter. He wants to close down my art gallery, proclaiming that I'm pushing dark magic on my patrons. Of course he hasn't dealt with Miss Hallie when she's ready to go all medieval on his hiney. And that's putting it nicely.

But when a jazz singer is stabbed to death, I must put on my sleuth hat and assist local detective Raphael. Marcel, my monocled familiar, is also on the hunt. Well, after some coercion with a few cat treats.

Lady Languish was an up and coming young singer, but who would want her dead? Could it be a spurned lover, a rival singer or someone much more dark and mysterious?