Desire, Volume 2 (2018)
by Cameron Milan
(#2 in Desire)

Desire, Volume 2
Ace and Vincent spent day and night in the challenges; growing stronger at a breakneck speed. Through their crazy training, and lucky encounters, they have grown so strong that they stand above all others. The world watches their every move, and their actions shake the world.

Through Ace's desire to help others grow stronger so that they may protect themselves, Northrock city was born. Northrock is famed for its numerous experts, and as a result, users from all over the world travel to live there. It is widely regarded as the safest place on Earth.

Two years have passed since the arrival of the tattoo, and after the numerous dungeons were wiped out, the world has grown peaceful once again. The future looks optimistic, and the possibilities are endless…

However… unbeknownst to the world, a powerful user has arrived from afar, threatening to destroy everything.