Reaper Hospital: Code Possessive Boss (2021)

Reaper Hospital: Code Possessive Boss
I died to save my child’s life. Only, I didn’t expect to be reborn as something evil.

Working at a busy hospital as a healer, I’m called a miracle worker by some and a scam artist by others. The truth is, everyone is right about me.

I’m not technically a healer. I’m a reaper.

Only, I’ve found a way to use my powers to kill and to heal, something no reaper has done before. I’ve tried to accept that this is all my new life can be. But then I went and slept with my boss.

Now, the boss I thought was human has turned out to be supernatural too. Oh, and did I mention he’s my new neighbor? And that the hot doctor and hot male nurse from work are his roommates?

Yeah, so… sleeping with my boss was a bad idea. But now having a god, a vampire, and a shifter making eyes at me… that makes things even more complicated.

And when I realize that not everything is as it seems, I might just need these sexy men to help me with my new job. I’m just not sure I can keep what I am from them, or keep them safe if I drag them into my world.

So what’s a new reaper to do?