The Catch (2020)
by Mick Herron
(#9 in Slough House (Short Story))

The Catch
Set in the same world as the Slough House series, this explosive novella by bestselling spy-master Mick Herron, is a treat for his massive fan base.

John Bachelor is the saddest kind of spy: not a joe in the field, not even a desk jockey, but a milkman—a part-time pension administrator whose main job is to check in on aging retired spies. Late in his career and having lost his wife, his house, and his savings after a series of unlucky choices, John’s been living in a dead man’s London apartment, hoping the bureaucracy isn’t going to catch up with him and leave him homeless. But keeping a secret among spies is a fool’s errand, and now John has made himself eminently blackmailable.
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