Plaid to the Bone (2021)

Plaid to the Bone
Laird Oliphant has been blessed with six daughters, and not a single son to leave the running of the clan to. What’s a desperate and slightly mad laird to do? Why, take a page from his great-great-whatever-grandfather’s folio, and declare an ultimatum: Whichever daughter marries and has a son first, then her husband gets to be the next Laird Oliphant. There! Only a little bit sexist, and it should get the job done!

Unfortunately, none of his daughters are interested. Take the youngest, for example...

Leanna Oliphant’s goal is to lead as adventurous a life as possible, and it seems as if she’s going to get her wish, even without having to help things along (that fire was an accident, honest!). First, her father made that ridiculous proclamation, which she figures she can ignore, because the dear man is several eggs short of a dozen. Next, a handsome and mysterious man arrives at Oliphant Castle, claiming to be on a secret mission from the king (although he won’t say which king). Then Leanna, through some careful “negotiations,” convinces the delicious stranger to let her help in his mission, which leaves the two of them all alone in a dark and secret passageway.

Then, a skeleton drops on them, completely ruining the mood.

As one of His Majesty’s elite Hunters, Laird Kenneth McClure is on the trail of a missing royal messenger. The man’s secret mission had sent him toward Oliphant Castle, so that’s where Kenneth followed, looking for clues to the man’s disappearance. The brawny warrior doesn’t know who he can trust, particularly when one of the laird’s daughters offers to help in his mission. But bubbly Leanna is a ray of sunshine in his dark life, and too enticing to resist.

When the pair of them discover the dead body mid-canoodle, Kenneth is fairly certain it’s not his missing quarry. Almost. Probably not. But…he’s beginning to realize things are not as they seem on Oliphant land, what with the mad laird, hypochondriac lady, more ghosts than he can count, six sisters, one wailing bagpiper, and who let this random donkey wander through the great hall?

Does the delightful Leanna know more than she’s saying? Kenneth’s mission for the king may be the downfall of this crazy family, and he’s not certain it’s worth it.

Warning: Contains silliness. And, like, a lot of anachronistic jokes. And plenty of really naughty bits. If you don’t have a sense of humor, you might want to skip this one.

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