Trajectory (2021)

She never expected to see her alien warrior again. But now that he’s back, can she leave behind the life she’s built?

Five years ago, horrific insectoid aliens attacked Earth. Lucky for humans, the Colrix, a mysterious alien race, showed up to protect the planet.

One Colrix in particular rescued Melody Ross from the destruction of her New York college, taking her to her parents’ home in Houston.

Then, as suddenly as it began, the war ended, and all the aliens disappeared, including Melody’s gorgeous savior.

She’s spent the years since training to join the space program, working to keep Earth safe from any further attacks—and dreaming of someday meeting up with her alien again.

Now the Colrix are back, supposedly with a plan for peace.

Her alien warrior has returned.

This time, he’s determined to take her with him.

But he’s not the same person he was five years ago. He’s darker. Damaged. In pain.

Despite his changes, Melody’s not sure she can resist him—and anyway, she’s certain he won’t take no for an answer.

  Gravity series
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