Claimed Mate (2021)

Claimed Mate
Claiming my mate was only the beginning…

The wolves and the fae are enemies, and Cal and I are caught in the middle. I’m the pack’s true Alpha, but the pack won’t accept me or Cal, because I just found out I’m also half-fae.

Then we meet a rogue group of supernaturals who tell us about a prophecy. They believe a hybrid is supposed to reunite the shifters and fae after years of hostility and war—and that hybrid is me. But first I’ll have to learn to harness powers I didn’t know I have.

With the pack closing in and the fae coming for me, Cal and I are in danger of losing each other a second time. If we want to be together, I only have two choices—find the strength to accept who I really am and end this war. Or die trying…