Stolen By The Vampire King (2021)

Stolen By The Vampire King
A vampire’s stolen my heart, but can I trust him to protect me?

Until recently, I didn’t believe vampires existed. Now I’m being held captive and I know it’s not a coincidence. My captor isn’t human and neither is his thirst for me.

I have to find a way to escape, and I’m certain Nic is the only vampire who can protect me. Or maybe I’m being blinded by how he makes my heart race in the best way possible. Can I truly trust one of his kind?

When my captor says he wants me for himself, my human blood runs cold. I realize this isn’t simply a vampire hungering for human blood. It’s about something much bigger than me that I’ve found myself caught up in the middle of.

I have a bad feeling I may have started a war…