Protected By The Alien Bodyguard (2021)

Protected By The Alien Bodyguard
I’ll earn her trust and then I’ll make her mine…

Mouse: I have no memory or what or who I am, all I know is that everyone and everything is out to hurt me. Hands slap, teeth bite, and boots kick. So when I meet a big bronzed warrior with blue eyes whose hands are gentle and voice is kind, I don’t trust him. And when he starts showing up in my dreams, a part of me I long thought was dead awakens with a passion.

Cravus: When I’m hired to protect the small female on a cross-planet journey, I’m told she’s a new, unintelligent species. I can’t get close enough to her without her snapping her blunt teeth at me, but underneath the dirty hair and clean rags, I could swear she’s clever.

When a nasty attack has us on the run, I know the only way to keep ourselves alive is to get her to trust me. And only then do I learn she’s human and not only that—she’s my mate too.