Howled Promises (2021)

Howled Promises
Timber wolf shifter Rehlik has been the alpha of Cider Falls for five years, ever since he was ousted from his position as pack alpha. He created Cider Falls to be a haven for any and all purebred shifters, hybrids, supernatural creatures, and humans to live and work in peace. He’s successfully keeping the small town together with the help of his second-in-command, but he secretly longs for his truemate.

Red fox-polar bear hybrid Weylyn has spent her entire life on the outside looking in. As a hybrid, she’s not welcome to participate in her red fox group’s activities because while her body is that of a red fox, her fur is snow-white like her polar bear father. She’s immediately exiled when the alpha steps down and hands the reins to his son. When she arrives in Cider Falls, hurt and alone, the last thing she wants to do is fall in love.

The problem? Rehlik didn’t get the memo.