Wyrde and Wild (2021)

Wyrde and Wild
'I don't know quite how it has come about, but we appear to have developed a corpse.'

It’s winter at the Werth residence, and someone has turned up dead.

Not that this is unusual. There’s Great-Aunt Honoria on the premises, after all.

Only this corpse is freshly dead, and nobody knows how the lady came to be leaking blood all over Lady Werth's best parlour.

The disastrous Miss Gussie confesses herself delighted, for nothing enlivens a dull week in February like a mysterious murder.

And the culprit really ought to be discovered, for the circumstances suggest Lord Bedgberry might have had something to do with it…

With what passes for Theo's life on the line, and good carpets in need of preservation, the situation is dire.

But can any mere murderer hold their own against the ruthless House of Werth?

The dark and devious Werths return for another crazy caper, this time with homicide! More dead bodies (ambulatory); more severed heads (talkative); and more wit and mischief (abundant). It's time to find out what Gussie did next…