Entangled Essence (2021)

Entangled Essence
Our flighty fae captor, Taneisha, lost Caden’s legacy to a thief in the night. Now, instead of the challenge she had planned for us, we have to climb a mountain and go up against an immortal demonic bird-man with a chip on his shoulder.

That’s assuming we don’t run across trouble along the way. Really, what could go wrong on a leisurely stroll up the side of a mountain? Based on my track record over the last two days and my history of failing at most magics I attempt, I’m not feeling that lucky.

Reeling from the temporary loss of Emrys, the fragile bonds between all of us are shaken. The others told me my shoulders are covered with mating marks. Specifically, their mating marks. Only problem is, mages like me don’t mate by fate. Sure, we enjoyed one hell of a steamy liaison during the first quest, but that just blowing off stress. Yet since then, the friction between us has seemed to have only ratcheted up higher.

I have to assume the mating marks are just another fae trick from Taneisha. But what if it’s not a trick? Does what happens in faery, stay in faery?

Worse, Emrys’ life is on the line. If we don’t follow the rules or fail to complete our quest, he dies, which isn’t a fate any of us are willing to accept.