Passage of Shadows (2019)

Passage of Shadows
The plots, schemes and machinations at Cysgod Lys, from both mortal and immortal sources, are coming to a head. But as the ancient evil maneuvers to fully become a part of the living world and Frances struggles to extricate herself from a situation of her own making, Eldren and Adelaide, with the help of Lord Mortimer and Madame Leola, are hatching schemes of their own. Buoyed by new confidence in her previously latent abilities, Adelaide has a plan that may finally offer them peace, freedom, and a chance for true happiness together.

Fighting something that has no true form, something that can take the shape of anything and anyone, something that potentially sees and knows everything, is next to impossible and the closer they get to the final battle, the higher the stakes get. But Adelaide is determined, because she isn’t just fighting to win…she’s fighting for love.