The Late Husband (2021)

The Late Husband
Madame Sabine de Roussard has become one of the most fashionable modistes in London, but she’s hiding a terrible secret. Or several. First, she isn’t really French. Second, her name isn’t actually Sabine de Roussard. Third, she fled her home in Yorkshire to vanish in the cosmopolitan city of London because she had, albeit inadvertently, killed her abusive husband, Lawrence Russell… except, now, she isn’t so sure he’s dead, because she might have seen him in Hyde Park. And, now, she’s in love with an earl who wants her to be more than his mistress.

Lord Edmund Grayson, Earl of Winburn, has fallen madly in love with his dressmaker mistress. He’s so in love with her, he doesn’t even mind her atrociously fake French accent. What he does mind is that she suddenly appears to be keeping more secrets from him about her present than her past. When she begins to sneak off, to lie about where she’s going and who she is with, he begins to wonder if, perhaps, the bloom is off the rose, and she’s grown tired of him. That is, until a brute of a man claiming to be her husband comes knocking at his door. But he doesn’t want to reconcile with his wife. He wants to see her hang.

Can Gray manage to win Sabine’s freedom and her heart? Or will he lose her to a man who never deserved her, just because the law says it’s his right?