The Night Blade (2022)

The Night Blade
Terah and Adom, enemies in their hearts but united in purpose, are forced to set out together on a perilous mission to rescue a missing boy.

Adom can shift his form and features to disguise his identity as the son of Aran, the Crimson God of Passion and Fury. But Terah has no such recourse, and her face makes her a target in a foreign godland among a people who want to see her burn.

A cryptic clue suggests that Terah has unknown allies who seek more power for mortals, if only she can find them. But Adom doesn’t trust anyone who strives against the gods and relies upon old ways and means to get what he wants… even if it exposes those he has sworn to protect.

As they venture deeper into danger, Adom and Terah take the fates of too many lives into their hands. Will their diverging paths lead to their stolen quarry, into the clutches of an enraged goddess… or force them to finally turn to each other?