A Gift for the Alien Warrior (2022)

A Gift for the Alien Warrior
Can a forgotten alien warrior protect his newfound family?

Taranov spent years doing his duty before finally escaping his dying planet. His new life as a trader is calm, peaceful… and empty. Then he stumbles upon an abandoned ship, a helpless infant, and a beautiful female who can’t even remember her name. His instincts demand that he protect them, but his heart wants so much more.

Waking up on an alien ship is frightening enough, but her amnesia makes it even more terrifying. She doesn’t know if the massive green warrior is as kind as he seems to be, or if the child who feels like hers truly belongs to her.

Just as she begins to feel at home with Taranov and his ragtag crew, Wendy’s memory starts to return. She realizes that her very presence may endanger the baby and the male she is growing to love. What if the only way to protect them is to leave them?

Can Taranov keep his new family - and himself - safe from the horrors of the past and the dangers of the present?