His Bargain (2022)

His Bargain
What happens when powerful Men of Passion find the woman they want?
They’ll do anything to keep her.

Diandra’s Make-Him-Beg Playlist:

I might’ve/sort’ve abandoned Jonas on the night of our engagement ball. Oops. Still living that down five years later.

I don’t need a man (aka Jonas) helping me, despite the fact I’m being blackmailed, extorted, and might be responsible for my parents’ death. Okay, actually I do need Jonas.

I might have made a scandalous bargain to sleep with Jonas in exchange for his help. And I refuse to admit how much I’m going to enjoy holding up my end of the bargain!

I just need to know he loves me as much as I love him. Is that too much to ask? Apparently.

Jonas’s Runaway-Bride-Payback Playlist:

Diandra’s back and this time she’s not running away, even if I have to keep her tied to me with the most outrageous bargain I could come up with! Hey, she agreed, didn’t she?

Okay, she slept with me. Now I’m wondering who seduced whom … and how I can tempt her to the bargaining table again.

Take care of Diandra’s nasty little extortion problem. (As if I wouldn’t deal with anyone hurting her, bargain or no bargain.)

I just need to admit that I’ve always loved her.