Pain in the Asp (2022)

Pain in the Asp
Old grudges, a vindictive sorceress, and a two-headed basset hound named Homer won't stand between Penny Post and her paycheck.

As the newest myth agent at the Labyrinth Agency, Penny Post is stuck with the petty cases, including--but not limited to-- playing chauffeur to a certain wine god. But when an invisible thief robs Mount Olympus’s gods and busts out into Penny’s hometown to hide, she finally scores the opportunity to sink her teeth into a meaty case
Good news: Penny is up-to-date on her cat support.
Bad news: Her first love, the rugged and delectable Luke Remis, is desperate to stay in the Olympians’ good graces. He’s happy stooping to brand new lows to swipe the case out from under Penny’s nose.
Weird news: Oh, forget it. Everything is weird now.
The thief is one of Medusa’s half-gorgon daughters, and the artifact she pilfered from the Greek gods possesses the power to turn the living into plastic. The first casualty is Nikki Remis, Luke’s cousin and the Labyrinth Agency’s indispensable receptionist. Soon, the race is on to locate and contain the half-gorgon before all of Salem, Oregon becomes Tupperware.
Unfortunately, Penny and Luke aren’t the only ones hunting for Medusa’s daughter. There’s a Greek hero on the loose, and it’s going to take an act of gods to beat him to the prize.
This laugh-out-loud mystery series is for readers who enjoy witty banter, kooky families, Greek Mythology, and clashing cultures. PAIN IN THE ASP comes smothered in tzatziki sauce and served with a Pacific Northwestern IPA.