Hope of the Holler (2022)

Hope of the Holler
You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
Jemma Nox has been busy keeping up with school, helping maintain Gran’s Rest, and heading up the Kalhoun County coven.
But not everyone who needs help can see their way to accepting it.
Mama B’s health is declining, but she’s not out of the game just yet.
A late-night call takes Jemma to the Pineridge Motel, where a bloody carcass opens the door on an injured woman and a mystery that throws her against an ancient and powerful enemy.
A woman in need, a vengeful ex-lover…and a giant?
A monster has broken free of Cherokee land in the east, and Jemma and her friends need to make the most of their varying talents to unravel the danger stalking Ally.
But is everything as it seems?