Touched by Fire (2012)

Touched by Fire
With their weapons, they destroy demons. With their hearts, they fight for innocents.

The Knights of White serve ArchAngel Raphael. The Enforcers -- known by those of the otherworld as SONS OF GABRIEL -- serve ArchAngel Gabriel.

Desperate to gain control of her firestarting abilities, Darla O'Neal agrees to take part in a military study, only to find herself the captive of a covert demons operation that is plotting to overtake humanity. To do this, the demons need to dispose of their enemies -- the elite Celestial Enforcers, the Army created by angels. And since fire is the one element capable of killing both demons and Celestial Enforcers, the demons plan to turn Darla into the ultimate weapon.
Noah Michaels is an elite Enforcer -- a man who had been bitten by a demon and saved by angels. Centuries old, Noah is one of the most ancient of his kind, a warrior fighting the evil that stalks humanity, even as the darkness of that first demon bite pours through his soul. Darkness that will consume him, destroy him, if he does not find a cure in time or the pureness of his true mate -- the one woman he has yet to discover.

Darla is a stranger to him, but he knows instantly that she is that woman, and to save her life, to keep her out of the hands of the demons, he sacrifices the only thing he has to bargain with...himself. Only Darla isn't about to let Noah live eternal hell for her. A bargain with the demons pits her against the very man she is trying to save...Noah. Now, touched by the fire of passion and darkness, these two must find a path to light before they destroy themselves, and the Enforcers, along with them.

  The Enforcers series
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