Dark Fuel (2012)

Dark Fuel
Adia is finally coming into her newfound arcanic spellcasting powers. She passed her first test at the academy with a dazzling, yet inconsistent, performance, proving that, while she has potential, she still has a lot of work to do before she’s considered an equal. Never mind that she has to be ready to battle the Synelv, the Arcanae’s deadly enemy.
Luckily, Adia is partnered with an elite team of fighters: the raw and muscular shield Grey, the dashing but deadly rogue Seger, and the trusty healer Finola. Precisely the support she needs to get up to speed with her magic. Good thing, because Adia has a lot on her plate besides learning to fight the enemy. There’s the mystery of Lara’s death to solve, Delphine the mean mage to outwit, and the academy competition to win. Not to mention that her friendship with Grey might be more than just that—if they can only keep from killing each other.

The war is escalating quickly and Match Game is drawing nearer by the day. There’s no such thing as practice anymore—the Arcanae have begun sending less experienced teams into battle, and the annual competition among the students comes with a twist that will make the stakes higher than ever.

It’s going to take a lot to keep Adia and her team focused on their battlefield mission. Will family secrets and romantic complications derail her and her teammates?

What’s Cool from Coliloquy
Dark Fuel is the second installment of a new Active Fiction series from Coliloquy. Throughout the series, author Liz Maverick uses a unique interactive format to augment the typical reading experience. Hunt for clues alongside Adia, unlock secret scenes, and read carefully, as Liz reveals some ereader magic of her own.