Hoarding in the Midlife (2023)

Hoarding in the Midlife
Bond Girl Head Honcho, Queen Vampire Councilwoman, and now Dragon-Mama Extraordinaire, Hailey Whitfield is exhausted. Having a newborn baby dragon is far more than she bargained for. Little Flint is settling in just fine, though. The little dragon loves anything shiny. Rather like a ferret, except the little booger can fly. They can’t hide anything from him. And he never sleeps . It would help if he’d listen to anyone other than Hailey, but Flint is a one-woman dragon. When Goldie is ready to go to her first day of classes at the new Rune Academy for the supernatural, she wants to wear the brand new bracelet Luke and Ransom bought her. It’s missing, but that’s okay. Hailey knows just where to look for it—in Flint’s hoard. They get Goldie off to school only to have their most shocking news yet. Rogue vampires? Easy. New species of werewolf? Piece of cake. What’s too hard for kick-butt Hailey to handle? Her all-too-human family is on their way for a surprise visit. Everybody hide your fangs! The Whitfield’s looming appearance isn’t the only panic-inducing visit they have to deal with while Goldie is off to her classes. Guess who is back for round two? Only the mother of all vampires, and she’s bringing a mother of a revelation… Now to get to the bottom of the whole dragon thing. As soon as Mommy and Daddy go back home.