Unleashed (2012)

A master of erotic romances, Kate Douglas wows us again with this fourth book in the continuing Demon Lovers series. If you read Wolf Tales, you'll love Demon Lovers.

After an unsteady start, Addie, Jett, and Locan have slowly forged an erotic and loving relationship unlike most others. Using the passion they feel for one another allows Addie to control Jett and Locan's demon tendencies and has helped the three become stronger and more powerful in their fight against demons.

The last time Locan saw the Hawaiian Goddess Pele he loved and left her. Pele has never forgotten and she's not the type of woman you necessarily want remembering. Now Locan is back in Pele's lair and it appears that she's not the only one set on revenge. Goddess Namaka, Pele's sister, discovers that using Locan in the war between sisters is the best revenge she can get.

Captured in an erotic game between goddesses, Locan must learn to trust that his lovers, with the aid of their now loyal hellhound, will come to his rescue.