Unbalanced (2011)

From the author of the wildly successful Wolf Tales series and the DemonSlayers series comes the first short in the Demon Lovers series.

Addie Logan only meant to help the woman in the park; certainly she didn't think she'd be attacked, bitten, and then watch the woman disappear in a burst of flames. After stumbling home to tend her wounds, Addie awakens later that night to find two obviously inhuman but overwhelmingly gorgeous men standing above her bed. Jett and Locan, black and white, the polar opposites of one another, inform Addie she's now their fulcrum, charged with keeping the two of them from killing each other while all three of them hunt demons.

Suddenly Addie has gone from the unemployment line to saving the world. To stop Demonikus, the nastiest demon her men have ever seen, she's on the fast track of demon hunter training and, to keep the two men from killing each other, she's responsible for feeding their demon desires, in whatever way she can.