Southern Karma (2018)

Southern Karma
It’s Pepper Dunn’s first Halloween in magical Magnolia Cove, Alabama. She can’t wait to experience all her home has to offer—haunted houses, real ghosts, great fried food. And for one night, regular folks are invited to enter this town of witches.

But when Rufus Mayes appears, Halloween looks to go haywire. But Rufus vows not to bother Pepper. Instead, he needs her.

He’s promised a buyer one of Magnolia Cove’s sacred objects, a watch that manipulates time. But the object is too volatile to sell. Rufus needs Pepper’s help to trade a decoy.

When the hand-off goes terribly wrong and the buyer winds up dead, it looks like a murderer is loose in Magnolia Cove.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the watch breaks and Pepper and her family find themselves forced to relive Halloween everyday. Even worse, the murderer is still loose and wreaking havoc in a town that’s already in plunged into chaos.

Can Pepper find the murderer or will she become the next victim? More importantly, can she free Magnolia Cove from eternal Halloween, or will the town be forced to relive the same day forever?
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