Southern Fortunes (2019)

Southern Fortunes
When Pepper teaches a class at the Southern School of Magic, she expects a run of the mill experience. But when a gaggle of mean teachers invades her classroom, Pepper is on high alert.

These women are nasty and they make no bones about disliking Pepper.

Pepper does her best to stay far away from them, but when one of the witches is murdered in broad daylight, everyone's a suspect, including Rufus Mayes, who's moved back into town.

But Rufus's intentions are honest. At least so it seems. After all, he gave Pepper an amulet that will protect her from evil. When her boyfriend, Axel Reign, discovers what Rufus has given her, he's ticked off and rightly so. Not only that, but Axel drops a bombshell on Pepper regarding their relationship that will change everything.

Can Pepper handle this new revelation in their relationship? She must decide, but there's also a murderer to catch. Can Pepper do both before she becomes the next victim of the Magnolia Cove murderer?
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