Drive Me Daisy (2021)

Drive Me Daisy
Mia’s biggest nightmare is about to manifest—her mother is coming to town with her husband du jour in tow.

Never mind the sorry state of the garden, the hormonal inches insulating Mia’s waist, or the Orca-sized cat that likes to rest her girth on Mia’s head in the middle of the night when she’s too tired to object. Mia has a new job to show off and a blossoming romance with a man guaranteed to win her mother’s stamp of approval—not that Mia cares what her mother thinks. She’s a middle-aged woman with her own life and…

Okay, she totally cares.

When a resident is killed in the middle of a parade, the whole town of Newberry is abuzz and Mia’s mother is aghast by the brush with violence. With her mother and Jurgen hovering in her orbit, Mia resolves to stay both ‘normal’ and out of police business. Unfortunately, the psychic part of her has other plans.

Can Mia learn to march to the beat of her own drum and embrace her abilities in time to catch the killer or will the parade of horribles claim yet another victim?